Our Shop as it was originally constructed in 1987.

The Kerner & Merchant shop was originally constructed in 1987. Built mostly by the hands of Ben Merchant & his faithful employees, this building served our company needs very well up until tragedy struck in 2005. In spring of that year, a fire caused by a blocked overhead heater exhaust vent caught the flashing on fire. The top half of the building was a total loss. Luckily, quick thinking employees grabbed the computers and other valuables in the moments before the fire trucks arrived. Nearly all of the company files were stored safely in metal file cabinets and remained safe. The vast majority of the shop’s equipment, fixtures, jigs, reference materials, and other items key to organ production, rebuilding and maintenance were saved or salvaged. Our building was rebuilt to modern codes, and included upgrades such as a dedicated spray room with explosion-proof lighting & heat, a full two story erecting room with balcony, 12′ ceiling in the main workshop, a new office, an entirely new voicing & pipe storage room on the 2nd floor with a new voicing machine, along with centralized dust collection and compressed air outlets.

Our shop as it was rebuilt in 2006.