James Street
United Methodist Church

3027 James Street

Syracuse, New York 13206


For Sale: Austin Organs, Inc Op. 2636, 1979

This instrument is in nearly perfect condition. There are absolutely no issues with this organ, and no need for rebuilding or releathering in the near future. The organ is currently in its original home and being played weekly through the middle of June. The organ needs to be removed as soon as possible. The church is closing, and the building is being sold days after the congregation’s last service.

Dimensions are as follows:
Entire organ, with the exception of the 12 note offset chest for the Pedal 16′ Sub Bass occupies a space 6′ deep, 11′ 1″ wide, and approximately 12′ high. Access for service is currently from the TOP of the swell box, although this can be easily reconfigured for rear access. The Pedal 16′ Sub Bass chest is 8′ wide, 12″ deep, and 10 1/2′ high.

This fine instrument is fully functional with no problems to speak of. Everything is original and in perfect working order.

– Electromechanical combination action
– Pistons: 5 divisionals per manual, 6 general, Sw/Gt, Gt/Pd, Sw/Pd, Sfz, GC
– Toe Studs: 4 Pedal divisionals, 6 general, Gt/Pd, Sw/Pd, Sfz
– Moveable/rolling console with ample cabling. Great for recitals and concerts.

Wind Chest:
– Patent Austin Universal Wind Chest
– All actions original, no mechanical defects

– Austin stepless electric expression motor. Replacement parts still available!

Asking Price: $10,000

Kerner & Merchant Pipe Organ Builders has been retained as the exclusive sales agent. To make an appointment to see and play this fine instrument, call our office: 315-463-8023.