Kerner & Merchant, 1990

Trinity Lutheran Church

Syracuse, New York

Installed in 1990, this instrument has served its congregation faithfully for the past 25 years. The needs of the congregation have changed, and a pipe organ is no longer a part of their worship. Kerner & Merchant has been engaged to find this instrument a new home.

This unit instrument is entirely enclosed in one expression chamber, with the exception of the 8′ Principal en facçade, and the lowest twelve notes of the 16′ Subbass. The console sits on a rolling platform with ample cabling to move the console 20 feet or more from the case. The organ is free standing. However, since it sits directly against the rear wall of the gallery, it has no back. All components are enclosed in the case, including silent blower, reservoirs, tremolo, etc.

For more information, and to schedule an appointment to visit the organ, please call our office: 315-463-8023.

Specification for Kerner & Merchant Organ, Trinity Lutheran Church, Syracuse
Manual IManual IIPedal
16′ Gedeckt
8′ Principal
8′ Rorhflöte
4′ Octave
2′ Gemshorn
III Mixture
8′ Trumpet
8′ Gedeckt
8′ Gemshorn
4′ Rohr Flöte
2 2/3 Nazard
2′ Principal
1 3/5 Tierce
1 1/3 Larigot
8′ Trumpet
8′ Krummhorn
16′ Subbass
8′ Principal
8′ Rorh Flöte
4′ Choral Bass
III Mixture
16′ Trumpet
8′ Trumpet
4′ Krummhorn