Unitarian Universalist Church

3 1/2 E. Main Street

Canton, New York 13617


It is always a pleasure to be able to perform restorative work on historic tracker organs. We were delighted when we were selected to perform renovations on the historic instrument at the Unitarian-Universalist church of Canton, New York.

This organ, built by George N. Andrews of Utica, New York in 1868 at a cost of $1,600 was designed and built for the former home of this congregation. It was moved to the new building in 1897 and has remained in constant use since that time with very few alterations. This is one of two remaining two-manual Andrews instruments known.

Originally hand-pumped, an electric blower was installed in the early 1900s, and in the 1930s, the original Pedal Open diapason was removed, along with the mechanical action operating it, and replaced with a Bourdon rank with a two-pressure pneumatic action.

in 2004 Kerner & Merchant was contracted to renovate the instrument, making no changes to it but replacing worn or deteriorating components in an historically correct manner. The work included the following

  • Releathering the reservoir
  • Re-nutting the action
  • Graphititing the Great sliders
  • Cleaning & shellacking the Great windchest
  • Cleaning and regulating Great & Pedal pipework
  • Regasketing all bung-boards and Great pipe stoppers
  • Regulating the key and coupler actions
  • Replacing worn pedal key surfaces
  • Rebushing and shellacking the pedalboard
  • Full retuning

The organ was opened in a concert by Will Headlee on November 7th, 2004

Specification for the George N. Andrews Organ, Unitarian Universalist Church, Canton, New York
Great – 56 KeysSwell – 56 Keys
Op. Dia.[8′]56 pipesBourdon[16′ TC]44 pipes
St. Dia Bass[8′]12 pipes
Op. Dia.[8′]44 pipes
Clarabella[8′ TC]44 pipesVio D’Gamba[8′]44 pipes
Dulciana[8′ TC]44 pipesSt. Dia. Bass[8′]12 pipes
Principal[4′]56 pipesSt. Dia Treb.[8′ TC]44 pipes
Flute[4′ TC]44 pipesPrincipal[4′]56 pipes
Twelfth[2 2/3′]56 pipesPiccolo[2′ TC]44 pipes
Fifteenth[2′]56 pipesCornet[III TC]132 pipes
Keraulophon[8′]44 pipesHautboy[8′]44 pipes
Pedal – 25 Keys
Sw & Gt“Double Op Dia”[16′]25 pipes
Gt & PedBourdon [16′]12 notes
Sw & Ped