Holy Cross RC Church

4112 East Genesee St

DeWitt, New York 13214


Kerner & Merchant was first approached by the Holy Cross organist and music director, Ernest Camerota, in 2004 about an organ project to coincide with the building of a new church building. The scope of the project would include removal of the existing 1981 Schantz instrument from the existing church building before it was torn down, significant enlargement and reinstallation in the new $12m church building.

The 1981 Schantz was of modest size (2/15), and well designed to fit the original sanctuary which sat approximately 350. The church having been built in 1950 was appointed with blonde oak woodwork and furniture and thus the organ was finished to match.

In 2005, ground was broken for a new church building. The project, led by Msgr Yeasel, consisted of many phases and a complete redesign and enlargement of the campus. Construction began on the new building just to the west of the original building, while it was still in use.

The new building would seats eight hundred and fifty in the main sanctuary, one hundred in the chapel, and another fifty in the choir loft.

The scope of the project included the following:

  • Removal of the entire instrument before demolition of the old building
  • Meticulously stripping the blonde oak finish, and refinishing all components to match the woodwork of the new building
  • Enlargement of the Swell chamber to accommodate more stops
  • Addition of Positiv Division, including all new pitman chests & pipework
  • Construction of a new E. M. Skinner style console built in the K&M Shop
  • Redesign of the winding system to accommodate the new Positiv division and additional ranks
  • Installation of a larger blower
  • Installation of a new fully integrated control system by Matters, Inc.

Features of the new control system include Record & Playback, 100 Memory Levels, Transposer +/- 7 Steps, Midi In/Thru/Out, Piston Sequencer, Programable Reversibles, and Programmable Sforzando & Crescendo, and much more.

In 2012, Kerner & Merchant installed an 8′ Festival Trumpet and a IV Mixture in the Swell. Photos of this installation can be seen below.