Rossignol Type 1

Rossignol Type 1 – Simple and attractive, this makes for an economical addition to any instrument. Available in any finish to match surroundings or to contrast surroundings.

Rossignol Type 2

Image of rossignol 2

Rossignol Type 2 – Designed to be seen as well as heard, this Rossignol will make any listener think the birds are actually in the organ!

Console Dolly

Console Dolly – Durable and built to last, our console dollies allow easy movement of your organ console across hardwood or carpeted floors, allowing for maximum flexibility of placement and usage. Finished to match surroundings or console, and a variety of surfaces are available as well including hardwood, laminate, and carpet.

Music Storage Cabinets

Music Storage Cabinets – The vertical unit displayed here is just one of many possibilities. The craftsmen of Kerner & Merchant can create custom cabinetry for music storage, PA equipment, choir folders, choir robes, or nearly anything you can imagine. Since we are a small shop, we custom build each product to meet the needs of our customers.

Console Mirror

Console Mirror – For organists with their back to the action, these mirrors are essential. Our mirrors are adjustable and available in a variety of standard finishes, or finished to match your console.